Update 17-06-2022The DigiGuil will from now on be a free product.Update: (20-05-2022)- Added PhysBones and colliders Features include:Digigrade drake inspired by Guilmon's design for VRchat .Quest compatible (Only for DigiGuil / Growl)Protogen inspired visor (detachable and usable on other avatars >)All source files (Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop file)Pre. Among its featur... $ Ghostly Male Canines [Dalmation/Retriever] >. $45 + Nardoragon (VRChat Avatar) Nardo 5.0 (464) $30 Winterpaw's VRChat Canine Julia Winterpaw 5.0 (338) $10 + ʚ♡ɞBooni兔ʚ♡ɞ (Vrchat Avatar Quest+DPS+Phys) Naiii 5.0 (80) $40 + Hime - physbones - Larens 5.0 (106) €59 + Nawtisen - Phys Bones!.

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